Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Skyliner (スカイライナー, sukairainā?) is a limited-express airport train service between Tokyo and Narita Airport. It is operated by Keisei Electric Railway and runs on the Keisei Main Line.

The Skyliner service operates between Keisei Ueno Station and Narita Airport Station, with stops at Nippori Station, Keisei Funabashi Station, Keisei Narita Station and Airport Terminal 2 Station. A couple of early morning Skyliner trains from Ueno run nonstop between Nippori and Airport Terminal 2.

Although Ueno is a larger station with more lines, many passengers transfer at Nippori, as the Keisei tracks run parallel to the JR East Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tōhoku Line and Jōban Line, whereas transferring at Ueno requires a walk at street-level from the Keisei station to the JR or Tokyo Metro station. At Funabashi station, passengers can change to the JR Sōbu Main Line and the Tōbu Noda Line.

The one-way ride between Narita Airport and Nippori takes about 55 minutes, with 5 additional minutes to reach Ueno, and costs ¥1,920 each way (¥1,000 base fare + ¥920 express surcharge). The journey to Keisei Funabashi takes about 33 minutes at a cost of ¥1220 each way (¥720 + ¥500, respectively).

(source: Wikipedia)

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