Monday, January 12, 2009

Tokyo Tower 1

Tokyo Tower (東京タワー, Tōkyō-tawā?) is a communications tower located in Shiba Park, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. At exactly 332.6 meters (1,091 ft), this orange and white lattice tower is the tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world, the tallest artificial structure in Japan and is the 20th tallest tower in the world.[3] Built in 1958, this Eiffel Tower-like structure supports an antenna that broadcasts television and radio signals for important Japanese media outlets such as NHK, TBS and Fuji TV.[4] In recent years, the tower has been instrumental in furthering Japan's push to switch from an analog signal to digital signal.

In addition to being a television and radio communications tower, Tokyo Tower doubles as a major Tokyo tourist site. Over 2.5 million people annually visit the tower's recreational Foot Town and two observations decks.[5] Foot Town is a 4-story building located directly under the tower that houses museums, restaurants and shops. Departing from here, guests can visit the two observation decks. The 2-story Main Observatory is located at 150 meters (492 ft), while the smaller Special Observatory reaches a height of 250 meters (820 ft).[6]

(source: Wikipedia)

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