Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Nakamise-dōri is a street on the approach to the temple. It is to have come about in the early 18th century. Neighbors of Sensō-ji were allowed to set up shops on the approach to the temple. In May of 1885 the government of Tokyo ordered all shop owners to leave. In December of that same year the area was reconstructed in Western-style brick. During the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake many of the shops were destroyed. They were rebuilt in 1925 using concrete, but destroyed again during the bombings of World War II.

The length of the street is approximately 250 meters and contains around 89 shops.

(source: Wikipedia)


Bob Crowe said...

When were the awnings over the center installed? The couple of times I've been there is was just open to the sky.

MurciaDailyPhoto and www.asthes.tk said...

How many things have happened on that street in its history. wow!

takeyoshi said...

Hi bob,

I think it depends on the season. Last two years when I visited the same place (during spring), there are no awnings.