Friday, November 21, 2008

Sad and Happy

Are you currently sad or happy? Sadness or happiness is inevitable in life. Sometimes, when you feel sad, you feel like the world is gloomy, unfair, etc. You feel very restless. But, when you feel happy, you feel that the world is very nice to you.

Regardless of whether or not you are sad or happy, just remember one thing. Life is short. So, just enjoy it! Regardless of whether or not you are sad or happy, you need a friend. When you are sad, you need a friend to cheer you out. When you are happy, you need a friend to celebrate your happiness. No use of blaming others when you are sad. Don't let your emotion affect your relationship with others.

By the way, you can wear these masks to hide your current feeling. It is a good mask to wear in Halloween Party, too. ^_^


Sterl the Pearl's Daily Pics of Boulder said...

wise words and fun picture!

Jessica said...

These are fantastic! I especially love the expression of the sad face.

JM said...

I love masks and those are fantastic!

Frankie / Nick said...

Wonderful advice with complimentary photography. Excellent.