Sunday, November 16, 2008

Replica Ramen

This store specializes in Japanese Ramen. The display in front of the shop is NOT real, but it looks like real to me. The 'mock' or replia ramen is made of some acrylic, wax or other chemical substance.

Japan is one of the countries which is famous in this 'food display art' business. Japan began the practice of presenting menu offerings with plastic imitations, and the practice has spread somewhat to neighboring countries and -- of course -- is followed by Japanese eateries around the world. The concept is certainly tied to Japanese dining aesthetics, where items are arranged on the plate with beauty in mind.


Bob Crowe said...

Just came across your new Tokyo DPB. My wife and I enjoy Japan and recently returned from our third visit. These are excellent photos and carry across the spirit of the city. I speak a little Japanese - just a little - so my wife and I were often grateful for the plastic models of food in restaurants, something that is unique to Japan.

I have a St. Louis daily photo blog but when I am traveling I post from wherever I am. There are several pictures from Japan on my blog and more on Flickr. There is a link to that on the blog.

Looking forward to following your blog in the future.

Bob Crowe
St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog said...

great idea. great photo!